The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt chats with comedian Jay Larson, about pets, missing dads, and plays marry, fuck, kill with a bunch of animals.

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Kurt sits down with an unrivaled talent in the boat game: Matt Oberg (Ugly Americans, Onion News Network, FACTTIME) to discuss the origin of the word AHoy, string theory, and why trimarans are a superior boat. Plus, Kurt goes off on bedbugs for some unknown reason.

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This episode has it all: risk of arrest, the occult, and comedian Dan St. Germain. Possibly the most amazing episode of Get Lost ever. Dan and I talk some shit and then go on a fantastic adventure. Just listen to it.

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Jonah Ray (Jonah Raydio, The Nerdist, Comedy) flips the script on Kurt and blindfolds him, throws him in his car and drives him somewhere he's never been. Along the way they talk about local commercial jingles and the repercussions of talking about your life on stage, while Kurt breaks his audio recorder with his butt.

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Kurt sits down with his childhood friend Chris Hauselt and talks pets. But mostly they just get down to some heavy personal shit. Plus, more acid stories! Hear Chris every weekday morning on "Stand Up! with Pete Dominick" on Sirius XM's Indie Channel.

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ALERT! NEW K OHLE FORMAT! The premiere episode of The K Ohle's homage to Radiolab, FactTime features podcast legend, Paul F Tompkins, and comedian extraordinaire, Matt Oberg, as they get to the bottom of a very unique story about racoons, sureness, and pizza. Producer Cyrus Ghahremani takes FactTime to the next audio level.

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Kurt sits down with comedian, racanteur, and public television host, Chris Gethard. They talk Weird New Jersey, how strangely similar they are, and why they love crumbling shore towns. Plus - Redhead Slur or Pet Name!

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Kurt and Eugene sit down and talk BOATS. Topics include Eugene's insistence on inviting Jon Benjamin to EVERY boat party, Star Blazers, and more. Plus, Kurt gets melancholy on the road.

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Kurt blindfolds comedian and host of The Dork Forest, Jackie Kashian, and drives her somewhere she's never been. They discover a bunch of super weird shit and tell some stories along the way. Get into the K Ohle!

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Kurt talks animals with legendary Australian comedian Wil Anderson. Topics include milking merry-go-rounds, ugliest animals, and letting cows urinate on you. Plus a great games of Who's Dumber.

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