The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt and his beautiful wife Lauren talk about trying to have sex everyday for a month, dorky first interactions, and having sex in her boss's house when they both had bed bugs. Plus, they answer your marriage and relationship questions - put your questions in the comments to have them answered next time. Up top, Kurt talks about a Hot Tub double vinyl recording, getting attacked post-show, and how he was a pervy kid.

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Kurt blindfolds Nick Thune and drives him somewhere he's never been! It gets deep pretty quick. Kurt talks about Australia up top.

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Lenny Jacobson is the star of Big Time in Hollywood, FL premiering on Comedy Central on March 25th 10:30pm. Lenny talks Goblin sharks, the show, and a a rousing game of  "Rather Die".

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Kurt takes comedian Chris Thayer on a blindfolded adventure into the unknown. Children are involved. Chris reveals that he REALLY likes being blindfolded and can identify even the most esoteric of noises. Kurt talks up front about a bunch of crap.

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