The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt and Joe continue to explore their man-feelings about adult friendships. Joe's been painting like a clown, Kurt explains why he almost Irish-goodbyes from hangs, and The First Annual LA River Tubing Expedition is discussed. Up top Kurts yells about the movie Fight Club and why people need to stop using The Pixies "Where is My Mind" in a hacky way.

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In a different type of K Ohle – Kurt chats with Lauren Cook (Kurt’s wife) about Lyme disease, which she recently found out she has had for 8 years. Kurt talks up front about a bunch of dumb shit. Lauren is an actress, writer, storyteller, and happy to give advice at @lchoochtrain on twitter and @yourbuttlaurencook on Instagram and to see Lauren and Kurt tell a story together in person you should come to Lauren's show, Radio Picture Show on Wed Oct 14th at The Virgil in Los Angeles.

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You didn't ask for it, so you got it - it's a new K Ohle format! It's Just Kurt talking to you personally for 33 minutes. No guest. No theme. Just pure unadulterated "Klassic Kurt Confessions" for about the length of an HBO comedy. It's not a new idea, but it's attempted with enthusiasm. Topics include: A Rant about the Fish Tank show and Reality TV in General; Uncovering the secret to the magic of red heads; And humiliating one-night stands. It's a CAN'T MISS if you feel you can't miss podcasts of an experimental nature.

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Kurt does a Get Lost that's a bit different from the normal "throw a comedian in a car blindfolded". This one's more of a conversation in strange place, with old friend and comedian Jon Daly (Kroll Show, Parks and Rec, and more). Topics include the good old days, dogs, Kroll Show, and his new Adult Swim special. Kurt talks up top about canoeing and satellite radio.

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Kurt and his wife Lauren recap their 6-day, 3000 mile journey from LA to New Jersey driving a fourteen foot tall, 1600 lbs Butt. It's worth a listen.

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Kurt and his wife Lauren take a full episode to answer the massive amounts of questions they've gotten about relationships and marriage. Topics include Kurt's lack of boundaries regarding being naked, Lauren's pooping, and farts in general and specific. They also answer some real questions, and give some sweet ass advice. Not an episode to miss.

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Kurt blindfolds 50 strangers and puts them on a bus with Jonah Ray and Matt Braunger and tries to start a cult in the woods. The first ever Get Lost Live!

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The softest one yet! Kurt and Joe continue their exploration of two men becoming friends as adults. This week they suffer the first bump on the road to friendship and find out what that means. Plus, Kurt talks about moving and creationism up top.

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Kurt and his wife Lauren get stranded in the rain after a 4-mile hike up a mountain. They break into an emergency hikers station, start a fire, and record a podcast all about MARRIAGE. You gotta here this one. Probably the most intense scenario surrounding any K Ohle recording.

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A co-release with Down with Joe DeRosa, Kurt and Joe talk about friendship and feelings and get REAL SOFT. Or as put it "Are these two really pre-teen girls in disguise? It might seem so at times." It's all about dudes being dudes who are also friends, but still dudes AND friends.

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