The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt talks with comedian Sara Schaefer about everything from dogs, to the biz, to squirting. We also get into it about Crows being super smart and creepy, and Kurt talks about his 13 year relationship Rumspringa.

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Kurt finally sits down with Doctor Jason Mantzoukas, aka, Dr. Knots The Not Doctor, to get a full heaping of boats on top of a plate of more boats. Topics include his new book, his website, and why air travel is the curse of the boatsman. Kurt talks in the intro about his plan to jet ski from Chicago to New Orleans and a new commercial that competes with the General commercial as King of Garbage.

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Kurt blindfolds comedian Josh Gondelman and drives him someplace he has never been before, and it turns out that place is closed. An ultimate failure of the Get Lost format (and it's all Kurt's fault) but still a worthy episode because of the fantastically funny Josh. In the intro, Kurt gets engaged and talks about balloons.

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