The K Ohle with Kurt Braunohler

Kurt talks animals with legendary Australian comedian Wil Anderson. Topics include milking merry-go-rounds, ugliest animals, and letting cows urinate on you. Plus a great games of Who's Dumber.

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Pete and Kurt sit down and get chummy about boats. They investigate the origin of a LOT of boat sayings, argue about what defines a boat, and uncover why Pete is obsessed with proving his future wife is a virgin. Plus, Kurt talks about his first time DJing on acid.

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Kurt blindfolds comedian extraordinaire Michael Lawrence and brings him somewhere he's never been. Along the way they discuss the movie "Up", Mike's intense commitment to open mics, and dual-discover their very first crack pipe. Plus, Kurt almost craps his pants.

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Kurt sits down with comedian, actress, and YouTube superstar, Grace Helbig, to talk about her dog Goose, how Bonobo Monkeys have sex constantly, and play another exciting round of "Pet Name or Racial Slur".

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Kurt sits down with Scott Aukkokerman Bokkokerman to FINALLY talk shit about boats. Secrets are hatched, Kurt's kackles are understood, Scott's murderous past is revealed. Listen. Love. Repeat. Comedy Bang! Bang! premieres on IFC July 12th.

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